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Rick Cooper. Musicians Entertainers Seattle WA.

Rick Cooper

I was born near London, England. At the age of thirteen I played in a local band called  THE BARONS . We worked with many famous names including: The Hollies, The Yardbirds, The Zombies, Van Morison, and The SmallFaces. I became a professional musician at nineteen and joined the Australian show band The Shalimars. As a duo COCKNEY also known as (Rick and Nadia) I played the night clubs of Manchester, England and supported such names as Wayne Fontana and Long John Baldry. Hired by the American Armed Forces tours took us through Germany, Italy and Turkey. As performers on a Mediterranean cruise ship we visited the South of France, North Africa and Malta. Three years with the National School Assembly programs of Hollywood and one year with the University of Minnesota we travelled through twenty eight States of America educating and entertaining school students.


For booking information please call 425 268 5734 or coopermail